About Us

Who We Are

What does Uri mean?

“Our Tours” - Uri (“우리”) is a universal Korean concept signifying community and unity. Although the literal translation is “us” or “our,” the phrase carries a deeper cultural meaning throughout Korean culture, both in the North and South. Connecting people from different parts of the world is at the core of what we do.

Background of Uri Tours

In the 1990s, a pioneering Korean-American family set off to explore the other side of their roots. What they found was a set of people, not much different from Koreans in South Korea, with a unique culture, rich history and distinct way of living. Now, Uri Tours is run by a young and dynamic staff tasked with connecting travelers with one of the last frontiers in travel. We have been organizing safe and exciting tours, cultural programs and corporate travel to North Korea for Americans and international travelers for over 15 years.