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Snowboard with Terje Håkonsen, “Danimals” and “Mike Rav” in North Korea

7 Nights, 8 Days in DPRK

Snowboard with Terje Håkonsen, “Danimals” and “Mike Rav” in North Korea

Beijing → Pyongyang → Masik Pass Ski Resort → DMZ → Beijing


This is your chance to be riding the slopes with 3 professional snowboarders in Masik Pass, North Korea: Terje Håkonsen, Dan “Danimals” Liedahl and “Mike Rav” Ravelson. Yes, ya heard it! Tear it up with your favorite riders, get some tips, see some stunts, and mix it up with locals all against the backdrop of North Korea, an adventure in itself. Not only will we be delivering to you a chance of a lifetime to meet a few of the best snowboarders who have ever lived, we’ll be transporting you in style from Pyongyang straight to Masik Pass in an MI-17 chopper. Seats in the chopper are limited, which means we have to cap the trip at 15 people - so book early! Deadline to register: December 21, 2015

This tour is brought to you by Uri Tours and our friends at Snowboarder magazine. Not only will you be accompanied by the pro riders, you’ll also be traveling with Andrea Lee, CEO and Founder of Uri Tours and Tom “T Bird” Monterosso, Editor of Snowboarder magazine.

About Masik Pass:

  • Day lift rates are approx. 35USD (which includes the ski or snowboard rentals and other gear rentals) and night/half day lift rates are 21USD, to be paid at the resort
  • Masik Pass highest elevation: 1360 m (4461 ft) above sea level
  • There are 10 runs with slopes for all levels
  • Brand-new gondola just installed!
  • If you are bringing your own skis, it will cost 20RMB per additional kg to check them on Air Koryo for the Beijing - Pyongyang route, and 4 Euros per additional kg for the Pyongyang - Beijing route


Terje Håkonsen is a living legend. Widely regarded as the greatest snowboarder who has ever lived, Terje Håkonsen dominated the halfpipe circuit in the late 90s and then transitioned into one of the best big mountain and all-terrain riders of his generation. Terje is in many ways snowboarding’s voice and when he speaks, our culture listens.

Dan “Danimales” Liedahl is one of the most popular snowboarders on earth, focusing on urban terrain rather than big mountain riding. His effortless style makes him a fan favorite and he has appeared in some of the most world-renowned snowboard videos on the market today.

“Mike Rav” Ravelson is one of snowboarding’s next generation riders that kids look to as a source of inspiration. He specializes in street riding as well but is a great all-around snowboarder. He is from the east coast of the United States and his style is a direct reflection of where he learned to snowboard. Mike Rav is on his way to becoming one of the most recognizable faces in snowboarding.

Day 1: Depart for Pyongyang

10 AM: Meet us at Beijing BCIA Terminal 2 to receive DPRK visas and to check-in. Fly to Pyongyang, capital of the DPRK and home to many of the country’s most famous cultural sites. Our excellent DPRK tour guides will be waiting for the group at the airport.

PM: Our first stop in the city is at the Mansudae Grand Monument an iconic monument famous for its large, bronze statutes of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il. Visitors are asked to follow local custom by bowing and laying flowers at the feet of the statues.  See the Chollima Statue, the winged pegasus that is a national symbol of speed and productivity. We’ll drive to the Koryo Hotel with a stop at Pyongyang’s Arch of Triumph, the world’s largest triumphal arc.  Afterwards, we’ll check in and enjoy your first dinner in the DPRK. After dinner, check out Pyongyang’s famed Taedonggang Microbrewery for North Korean craft beer.

Day 2: Pyongyang City Tour

AM:  Start with a visit to the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun, where the late leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il lie in state. It is the most impressive mausoleum you will ever visit in your life! Then we’ll head to the Mangyongdae Native House, where late president Kim Il Sung was born. Descend 360 feet below the ground to share a ride with locals on the Pyongyang Metro.

PM:  After lunch, stand in the center of the Kim Il Sung Square, where all of the famous DPRK military parades take place. Walk over to the Foreign Languages Bookshop to pick up popular souvenirs, handpainted propaganda posters and books. Climb to the top of the 150 meter high Juche Tower to get a 360 aerial view of the city. Learn about the Korean War through the perspective of the North Koreans at the newly renovated Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum and the USS Pueblo in its new spot (the “American Spy Ship” captured in 1968). Enjoy a local dinner in the capital city and overnight at the Koryo Hotel.

Day 3: Chopper Ride to Masik Pass (to be confirmed)

Photo credit: smallairforces.blogspot.com
This morning, we’ll take you on a ride on Air Koryo’s MI-17 helicopter. We’ll fly over all of the cities and towns from Pyongyang on the west side of North Korea all the way to the Masik Pass on the eastern coast of the country. We’ll make an appearance as we land right on the Masik Pass helipad. This will be the first-ever chopper ride on this route (which should take about an hour), and we’re inviting YOU to join!

Check in at the Masikryong Hotel, currently recognized as the best hotel in the country. Have a local lunch made with fresh and local ingredients found right within the mountains of Masikryong. Then hit the slopes and be among the first to taste the fresh powder at one of the DPRK’s most important new attractions.

Day 4: Masik Pass

Masik Pass Aerial View
We’ll have fun activities scheduled throughout the trip with the riders and local skiers. Currently, most of the North Koreans we met at the resort prefer to ski. But we’re excited to introduce them to the culture and sport of snowboarding. We’ll also be holding free sessions with the riders for anyone who wants to pick up the basics of snowboarding or improve their skills. Ski/snowboard ‘til your heart’s content and chill out at the lodge during your down time. Overnight at the Masikryong Hotel.

See more information on the Masik Pass Ski Resort.

Day 5: Masik Pass

Another full day at Masik Pass to enjoy the mountain or chill out at the lodge for a little down time. Overnight at the Masikryong Hotel.

Day 6: Masik Pass; Return to Pyongyang

Get your last runs in! We’ll return to Pyongyang by chopper (same MI-17 we took to get there) and overnight at the Koryo Hotel.

Day 7: Kaesong/DMZ

AM: Take an early morning drive to the ancient city of Kaesong. Kaesong was once the capital of Korea but now is home to the DMZ, where north and south Korea remain divided after 70 years of stalemate. At the DMZ, explore Panmunjom, shake hands at the exact place that the Armistice Agreement was signed between UN forces and the DPRK, and wave hello to the South at the blue houses. Learn about the Koryo Dynasty at the Koryo History Museum and pick up collectible stamps and postcards at the stamp shop.

PM: Enjoy a Pansanggi lunch, small traditional dishes served in bronze bowls. Stop at the Tomb of King Wanggon, the founder of the Koryo Dynasty. Return to Pyongyang and spend the last night in the DPRK at the new Meari Shooting Range where you can shoot a rifle in a safe environment. You can even try your hand at some live pheasant (to be cooked for dinner if you’re successful). We’ll reminisce with our new friends about time well spent over dinner while we enjoy a last taste of Korean cuisine. 

Day 8: Farewell

Morning departure to Beijing.  Estimated time of arrival is 10:00 a.m. local time.  Please reserve connecting flights departing after 2pm local time, to allow sufficient time for immigration/customs clearance, baggage claim and re-check-in.

We’ll do our very best to adhere to the schedule described above, but please be aware that the itinerary is subject to change.


  • DPRK visa fees and handling
  • Round trip ticket from Beijing to Pyongyang on Air Koryo
  • 7 nights’ DPRK hotel accommodations (double occupancy, 4-5 stars)
  • 3 meals per day
  • Coach transportation in DPRK
  • Two local DPRK guides
  • One local driver
  • Admission fees (except those listed below)

Not included

  • Masik Pass lift pass or equipment rentals (day rates are approximately 35USD per day, with night or half-day rates at 21USD)
  • Transportation from Beijing International Airport to hotel
  • Round-trip airfare to Beijing from home country
  • Chinese visa fees and processing, if applicable
  • Travel insurance and medical evacuation insurance (required)
  • Personal expenses (laundry, telephone, etc.)
  • Souvenirs
  • Extra drinks during meals (one complimentary beer included)
  • Tips for guides and drivers (please budget $10 per day per traveler)

Special Entrance Fees for Optional Events

(Some entrance fees are priced in Euros. We strongly recommend to bring exact change in Euros to pay at the door; USD is accepted, but may be subject to an unfavorable exchange rate)

  • Meari Shooting Range: rifle and per bullet fees apply
  • Extra à la carte items incurred during meals
  • Elevator to the top of the Juche Tower: 5 euros
  • Beer at microbreweries ($1-3 per draft)

For more information on the booking process, see How to Travel To North Korea
See here for more information on Terms and Conditions.