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North Korea Bicycle Tour - Spring and National Day Editions

7 Nights, 8 Days in the DPRK

North Korea Bicycle Tour - Spring and National Day Editions

Pyongyang → Masik → Wonsan → Sariwon → Kaesong → DMZ → Nampho → Pyongyang


Our North Korea Bike Tour is unlike any tour ever offered in the DPRK! We’ll cycle west for 12 km on the Road of Youth Heroes and tackle 30 km of beautiful, winding roads leading from Chonnae County to the picturesque Ulim Waterfalls. Our longest ride will be 50km into the Mt. Jangsu scenic area, a route just recently opened to tourists. We’ll supplement these treks with leisurely rides like our 12 km city ride along the streets of Pyongyang or a morning ride through the city center in Wonsan. On top of that, we’ll provide as many opportunities as possible for you to experience North Korean people and culture. Join us on this magnificent journey and prepare yourself to meet wonderful people and broaden your world perspective.

Our Fall Edition of the North Korea Bike Tour falls on DPRK’s National Day - September 9, 1948 was when the country was founded. In addition to cycling, expect to take part in mass dances in the park, see fireworks and quite possibly even see a military parade! If you can’t wait until the fall, our Spring Edition tour is promised to be uniquely exciting.

Experience level: some cycling experience required. Most terrain will be flat, but there will be long uphill routes. If any portion of the route is too strenuous, cyclists will have an option to ride in the bus. Giant road bicycles supplied.

Max participants: 9


Day 1: Depart for North Korea!

AM: Meet us at the Beijing Capital International Airport where we’ll hand out the DPRK visas. We’ll then fly to Pyongyang, North Korea’s capital city and home to some of the country’s most revered cultural landmarks. Local DPRK tour guides will meet us at Sunan International Airport.

Kaeson Amusement ParkPM: On the way to central Pyongyang, we’ll stop at the Arch of Triumph, the world’s largest triumphal arch, and then take a stroll through the Mansudae Fountain Park. We’ll then proceed to the historic Koryo Hotel. Optional evening event at the Kaesong Youth Amusement Park.

DMZ from North Korea side

Day 2: Kaesong and the DMZ

AM: First up we will walk through the colourful streets of Kaesong to Chanamsan Hill where you’ll get a great view of the historic district in the presence of a massive statue of Kim Il-Sung. We will then learn about the Koryo Dynasty (where the name Korea originates) at the Koryo History Museum and pick up collectable stamps and postcards at the stamp shop.
Afterwards, we’ll visit the Demilitarized Zone, the border between North and South Korea. At the DMZ, explore Panmunjom, shake hands at the exact place that the Armistice Agreement was signed between UN forces and the DPRK, drive between a minefield to the JSA and ‘cross’ into the South at the blue houses straddling the border.

PM: For lunch we’ll enjoy Pansanggi, a Kaesong cuisine traditionally reserved for royalty and afterwards stop at the original Sonjuk Bridge, a UNESCO site where a famed statesman was assassinated. Back on our bikes, we’ll cycle 8km to Pakyon Waterfall, a popular spot for locals to relax and enjoy a soju-inspired picnic. Afterwards, return to Pyongyang for our overnight at Koryo Hotel.

Day 3: Pyongyang City Tour and DPRK National Day (for Fall Edition)

AM: This morning, we’ll begin at the Manyongdae Native House, the birthplace of Kim Il Sung. Afterwards, we’ll get a chance to pick up local art at the Mansudae Art Studio, the premier gallery and studio for fine art in the country. Continue our tour on bicycle for 8km from the Sports Village to the busy Kwangbok Street before visiting the Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum and USS Pueblo to hear a version of history often unheard or discredited.

PM: After lunch, cycle the newly developed Mirae Scientist Street to reach Kim Il-Sung Square, commonly used for large holiday parades. We’ll then cycle along Changjon Street to visit the Tower of the Juche Idea, North Korea’s tallest monument, where you’ll take in a panoramic view of Pyongyang. Finish the day enjoying dinner and drinks at the Taedonggang Microbrewery.

For DPRK National Day tours, we’ll join in on mass dances, watch fireworks in the square and may even have the chance to see a military parade!

Pyongyang Bike tour

Day 4: Masik Pass and Cycling in Wonsan

AM: This morning, get ready to journey to the east coast! We’ll start off with a drive to the luxurious Masikryong Ski Resort, we’ll take the cable way here for the mountainous views over the slopes before lunch. Next, we’ll drive to the coastal city of Wonsan where we’ll visit the Songdowon International Children’s Camp to take a tour of the facilities and play with the children. We’ll then have lunch with a view at Songdowon Beach.

PM: After lunch, cycle to Wonsan Square for a walk along the pier to the Jandok Islet, a popular spot for Wonsan residents and fisherman where you can buy seafood that was caught just seconds ago from local vendors. (There’s a 1 Euro fee to be paid at the entrance.). Suitably, we’ll enjoy a fresh seafood dinner here before returning to Masikryong Ski Resort overnight.

Day 5: Ulim Waterfalls and return to Pyongyang

North Korea Bike Tour new Ulim waterfallsAM: Today we’ll cycle a dazzling 30 km of the untouched countryside from Chonnae County to the picturesque Ulim Waterfalls, a 45m cascade engraved with Kim Jong-Il’s handwriting that we’ll hear well before we’ll see. Once we arrive, we’ll take in the scenery over a relaxing afternoon picnic.

PM: Afterwards, we’ll drive back to Pyongyang and take a ride on the Pyongyang Metro, rubbing shoulders with local commuters going about their daily activities. You’ll then get to test your skills at the Meari Shooting Range. Overnight at the Koryo Hotel.

Day 6: Sariwon and Mt. Jangsu

AM: We’ll first drive south to Sariwon, home to the Folklore Street built by Kim Jong-Il as a model example of the traditions and customs of ancient Korea. We’ll get a view of the city from an overhanging pavilion before embarking on our longest cycle in our trip of 50km into the Mt. Jangsu scenic area which can only be described as breathtaking.

PM: We’ll picnic in the serenity here before driving back to Pyongyang for our overnight stay at the Koryo Hotel.

Day 7: Nampho and return to Pyongyang

North Korea Bike Tour scenic breakAM: Today we’ll drive towards Nampho, an industrial city and seaport on the west coast, stopping on the way at Chongsanri Cooperative Farm for a look into one of North Koreas model collective farming communities. From here, we’ll cycle 20km on the Road of Youth Heroes into Nampho itself and across the West Sea Barrage, an incredible system of water locks and dams that regulate the flow of sea water into the Taedong River.

PM: After lunch, return to Pyongyang and visit Kwangbok Supermarket, the only place you’ll be allowed to exchange and use local currency. We’ll then discover the DPRK’s latest technological advances at the new and extravagant atom-shaped Sci-Tech complex before going for a walk in Pyongyang and returning to the Koryo Hotel for dinner.

Day 8: Bon Voyage!

Morning departure to Beijing. Estimated time of arrival is 11:35 a.m. local time, although flight times are subject to final confirmation. Please reserve connecting flights departing after 3:35pm local time, to allow sufficient time for immigration/customs clearance, baggage claim and re-check-in.


  • DPRK visa fees and handling
  • Round trip ticket from Beijing to Pyongyang on Air Koryo
  • 7 nights’ DPRK hotel accommodations (double occupancy, 4 stars)
  • 3 meals per day
  • Coach transportation in DPRK
  • Two local DPRK guides
  • One local driver
  • Admission fees (except those listed below)
  • Bike rental fees (let us know if you wish to bring your own bike, excess baggage fees apply. See HERE)

Not included

  • Private sedan transportation from Beijing International Airport to hotel (approximately $75)
  • Round-trip airfare to Beijing from home country
  • Chinese visa fees and processing, if applicable
  • Travel insurance and medical evacuation insurance (required)
  • Personal expenses (laundry, telephone, etc.)
  • Souvenirs
  • Extra drinks during meals (one complimentary beer included)
  • Tips for guides and drivers (please budget $10 per day per traveler)

Special Entrance Fees for Optional Events

(Some entrance fees are priced in Euros. We strongly recommend to bring exact change in Euros to pay at the door; USD is accepted, but may be subject to an unfavorable exchange rate)

  • Pyongyang circus: 20 Euros
  • Pyongyang symphony: 30 Euros
  • Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum & Pueblo: 10 Euros (new entrance fee due to re-opening and renovation of museum)
  • Extra a la carte items incurred during meals (i.e., dog meat soup, Kaesong chicken soup, wine at the pizza/pasta restaurant, specialty restaurants such as the Okryu cold noodle restaurant and the Taedonggang Boat, all roughly $5-10)
  • Amusement park entrance and rides, approximately 1-3 Euros each, elevator to the top of the Juche Tower, 5 euros)
  • Optional clam bakes (about 5 Euros)
  • Entry into the Jangdok Islet (1 Euro)
  • Beer at microbreweries ($1-3 per draft)

For more information on the booking process, see How to Travel To North Korea
See here for more information on Terms and Conditions.