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Ebola in North Korea: Latest Update
October 23, 2014

Air Koryo at Sunan International Airport in Pyongyang

UPDATED December 8, 2014

Ebola-related border restrictions continue to affect tourism in the DPRK. Earlier in the month, we cancelled our December Masik Pass ski tours and most recently, we have had to cancel our annual New Year’s in DPRK tour that was set to depart from Beijing on December 30. We are receiving some indication, however, that our tours to the DPRK can resume in the new year, and we are hopeful that our January ski tours can run as scheduled. See what this means for your upcoming travel.

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DPRK Tour Operator Perspective: Merrill Newman, Detained American Tourist (Updated!)
November 21, 2013

UPDATED DEC. 8, 2013: We are very happy and relieved to hear that Merrill Newman has been released and is on his way home to his family. Some of our staff were in Pyongyang listening to the news via BBC and Aljazeera in the Pyongyang hotel, feeling glad that he was released. 

We have read recent reports about Merrill Newman, an 85-year old American tourist, being detained in North Korea at the end of his tour. Our thoughts go out to him and his family during this time. While we confirm that he was not one of our tourists on any one of our tours, this is a very rare and unusual incident in the general DPRK tourism industry. Thousands of western tourists safely travel to North Korea per year. Safety is the highest priority for us, as well as our local DPRK partners, and in our 10+ years of operation, we have never had any such incidents on any of our tours. Continue reading...

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North Korean schoolkids / Uri Tours Photo

Status Update on North Korea (DPRK) Travel
May 4, 2013

Well, it’s that time of year again—tensions are high in the Korean peninsula and this year more so. Yet, tourism to North Korea is still going strong and we’re just back from another exciting trip to the DPRK.

Uri Tours led a group of Americans (yes, Americans can travel to North Korea!), and a few Canadians, to the DPRK for the April 15 Kim Il Sung birthday celebrations. This year marked the 101st birthday anniversary of the late President Kim Il Sung, a national holiday. We run tours every year this time because it’s a great chance to take part in the festivities and interact with the locals through mass dances and more. This year was no different!

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