Register for the Pyongyang Marathon April 8, 2018

Register for the Pyongyang Marathon April 8, 2018
November 7, 2014

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What You Need to Know about the April 8, 2018 Pyongyang Marathon


Almost anyone can run in the amateur marathon alongside professional runners. Unfortunately, American citizens are unable to apply at this time due to the U.S citizen ban

It’s not possible to register for the race on your own. You will need to book a Pyongyang Marathon Tour with a DPRK licensed tour operator. Uri Tours is the official travel partner of the Pyongyang Marathon and we have a variety of marathon tours to choose from. Let us know which category you want to sign up for (42K, 21K, or 10K). We’ll send you all you need to know about traveling to the DPRK as well as running in the race. See tour information below.

There are no caps placed on the number of registered runners the marathon committee will accept. We have confirmed this with the Official Pyongyang Marathon Committee - they are welcoming as many runners as possible. However, April will be an incredibly busy month in the DPRK. Book as soon as possible.



For 2017, we have four incredible tour options.

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  • Flying on Air Koryo, North Korea’s only airline (or Air China or riding the train!)
  • A city tour of Pyongyang, including visiting the Juche Tower with a view of the Ryugyong ‘spaceship’ hotel and a ride on the Pyongyang metro
  • Watch a local North Korean football match
  • A history lesson on the Korean war with a distinctly North Korea twist
  • Visit the DMZ, where you will be able to stand in both Koreas.


  • Runner’s bib which will need to be pinned to your shirt during the race
  • Support kit which includes a Pyongyang Marathon T-shirt, energy snacks, marathon stickers and other exclusive DPRK goodies
  • Certificate of Completion
  • For first, second or third place winners in any of the amateur categories, you will also be awarded a medal at the awards ceremony in front of 50,000 local spectators in the Kim Il Sung stadium (Uri Tours has a history of winning!)
  • Bragging rights. Because you ran a marathon in North Korea!


Full marathon: $150 USD
Half marathon: $120 USD
10K: $100 USD
Spectators: $28 USD to watch soccer/football matches in the Kim Il Sung Stadium during the race
(Registration fees are collected prior to the tour; cost of the tour package is additional)

Full Marathon: 42.195km; finish time of 4 hours
Half Marathon: 21.0975km; finish time of 4 hours
10K: finish time of 2 hours

There are no official qualifying times for the amateur marathon. However, you must either FINISH or STOP within the times mentioned above. If you do not finish within those times, a bus will pick you up and escort you back to the stadium. The streets will be re-open to traffic at about 1pm.

The race starts and ends in the Kim Il Sung Stadium. Professionals and amateurs will start at the same location and time. Race starts at approximately 9am and is finished before 1pm.

The official 2017 Pyongyang Marathon course route

    Depart from Kim Il Sung Stadium
    Pass through the Arch of Triumph
    Friendship Tower
    Kumrung No.2 Tunnel
    Congryu Rope Ladder on Taedong River
    Munsu Riverside Street
    Rungra Bridge
    Kumrung Tunnel
    Puksae riverside street
    Moranbong Street
    Re-enter through the Arch of Triumph
    Arrive back at the Kim Il Sung Stadium

This is a 10K course and the marathon will make this loop 4 times, the half marathon twice.


COURSE CONDITIONS: You’ll be running in the streets of Pyongyang, which are relatively flat. One lap is about 10km. Those running the 10K will do one lap and end right past the Arch of Triumph. Those running the half marathon will do 2 laps and those running the full marathon will do 4 laps. There will be km markers throughout the course to let you know how long to go before the finish line. There will also be cars with digital timers that will lead the pack to let runners know how much time has elapsed. There are 2 water stations per every 10km and restroom stops along the way. Lastly, for those who require energy gels, you should bring them with you and we’ll make sure one of our staff members will hand them to you at the designated water stations during the race.

WHAT TO WEAR: Please wear solid colors; no tie dye, pictures or lettering. Top and bottom can be different colors, so long as they are one solid color each. If your shirt has a small logo, the logo can be no bigger than 30cm in rectangular size and the lettering must be less than 4cm in size, according to the regulations of the International Federation.

You’ll be given a number to pin to your shirt during the race. All runners must have a number affixed to their shirts. 


To qualify for the professional marathon, you must have the below qualifying times:

Men need a record of less than 2 hours and 27 minutes
Women need a record of less than 2 hours and 38 minutes
Registrants must provide proof of an official record time from the past 3 years

The International Athletics Federation registers the records of professional marathon runners who attend the Mangyongdae Prize International Marathon.


These runners made history in 2014 by being among the first foreign amateurs to run in the Pyongyang Marathon.

Pyongyang Marathon 2014

Our 2015 group made it to the podium with the runner-up in the women’s half marathon

Pyongyang Marathon 2015

Last year, we had the women’s full marathon winner and the 2nd place finisher for the men’s full in our group. Come join the winners in 2017!

Uritours Pyongyang Marathon 2016 Group Photo

OUR RUNNERS who made it on the news

Edward from the US: read his pre-race thoughts in RUNNER’S WORLD and Pacific Daily News
Pyongyang Marathon 2014

Morgan from France: read his thoughts on the race in RUE89

Jacob from Nova Scotia, Canada: read his thoughts on the race in CBC (originally in the AP)
Pyongyang Marathon 2014

Shari and Jim from Las Vegas running their first marathon ever (you may have caught them speaking on BBC radio about their experience!):
Pyongyang Marathon 2014