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Pro Wrestling and Diplomacy in Pyongyang with Antonio Inoki
June 5, 2014

Do you like pro-wrestling? How about diplomacy? Travel, boxing, martial arts? This summer, you can have it all, and in the unlikeliest of places - PYONGYANG! In August 2014, we’re offering a chance to see a historic International Pro-Wrestling Friendship Event in Pyongyang hosted by the famous WWE Hall of Famer Japanese wrestler, Antonio Inoki!


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Introducing North Korea Tours via Shanghai - Limited Time!
June 5, 2014

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For a limited time, we’re offering North Korea (DPRK) tours directly from Shanghai via Air Koryo charter flight! This summer, take off from China’s financial capital, Shanghai, and explore a different world in North Korea.

Every Sunday and Thursday from July 6 to October 5, 2014, there will be weekly direct flights from Shanghai’s Pudong International Airport to Pyongyang’s Sunan International Airport:

Shanghai - Pyongyang JS552 Depart 4:00am (04:00) Arrive 7:00am local time (07:00)       
Pyongyang - Shanghai JS551 Depart 1:50am (01:50) Arrive 3am local time (03:00)

See our Pyongyang Direct via Shanghai Tour options this summer!

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How to Register for the Pyongyang Marathon 2015
March 14, 2014

Pyongyang Marathon 2014

We asked and they delivered! Uri Tours and the Korea International Sports Travel Company get approval for the first amateur marathon in Pyongyang on April 13, 2014! We were the first ones to run a 10K in Pyongyang, and now we’ve gotten the official approvals to allow tourists to run a full marathon through the streets of the DPRK capital city! Our first Marathon Tour in April 2014 was a huge success and now we’re ready to take registration for the 2015 Pyongyang Marathon being held on April 12, 2015. Read on to find out more.

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