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WSJ (March 19, 2015): Talk North Korea Tourism, Post Ebola Ban

Chicago Tribune (January 21, 2015): North Korea’s tourism door is open, if you dare, and I would

Guampdn.com (January 20, 2015): North Korea serves as new destination for amateur runners

Globo TV Documentary (January 1, 2015): North Korea: The Last Frontier in Sports Part I and Part II (Coreia do Norte, última fronteirado esporte)

New Haven Register (December 31, 2014): Tour Company Set Presentation in New Haven on North Korean Tours

Al Jazeera (December 18, 2014): Cold War imagery and cyberwarfare in North Korea’s Sony hack

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TIME (November 17, 2014): Using Instagram to Open a Window on Everyday Life in North Korea

The Atlantic (October 30, 2014): A Tourist in North Korea

Yahoo Travel (August 15, 2015): “Surfing DPRK?”—North Korea Tries to Lure American Surfers

The Telegraph (August 12, 2014): North Korea Launches Surfing Tours

The Weather Channel (August 6, 2014): 10 Things to Know About Traveling to North Korea

Wall Street Journal (June 6, 2014): Tourists Invited to Watch Pro-Wrestling in Pyongyang

Smithsonian.com (April 3, 2014): Want to Run a Marathon in North Korea? Here’s your Chance

Huffington Post (April 2, 2014): Pyongyang Marathon Open to Tourists as North Korea Allows Foreign Runners to Compete

BBC (February 12, 2014): What is it like to ski in North Korea?

Huffington Post (January 27, 2014): North Korea Ski Holidays: How to Book a Trip To Masik Pass Skiing Grounds

Runner’s World (January 22, 2014): North Korean Marathon Open to Everyday Runners for First Time

USA Today (January 21, 2014): N. Korea draws visitors seeking peek at reclusive regime

CNN: Feature video interview with CNN Senior Correspondent Nic Robertson (November 24, 2013): North Korean beer tour?

Yonhap News 연합뉴스 article on Coffee in North Korea (October 16, 2013): 평양 커피숍 소개합니다’…원두커피에 와플까지

Article in 불교신문 on Uri Tours led DPRK Buddhism Tour (September 24, 2013): 미주한인불자들 북한 불자들과 평화통일 발원

Wherever Mag, Issue 1 in print (September 2013): The Juche Aesthetic

Global Post (August 20, 2013): U.S. Travel Agency Launches N. Korean Beer Tour Package

CNN (July 23, 2013): Biggest-Ever Foreign Turnout Expected for North Korea Mass Games

The Social Media Monthly - print magazine, page 23 (May 2013): Social Media in North Korea (DPRK): 120 Days Later

Daily Beast (June 13, 2013): North Korea Vacations? Yes, They’re Possible, Though ‘Very Structured’

Mikael Strandberg’s website, guest blog (May 28, 2013): North Korea; A Perspective

Korea Times: Fashion in the DPRK (May 16, 2013): Rogue or Vogue

Associated Press Article in Northwest Asian Weekly (April 20, 2013): Despite Tensions, N. Korea Lets Tourists, Athletes Through Borders

Live Reddit IAmA interview from Pyongyang (April 13, 2013): First-Ever Live IAmA From Inside North Korea

Associated Press Article in MassLive.com (April 5, 2013): Pyongyang Rumblings Have Little Effects on South Koreans

Global Post (April 11, 2013): Chinese Agency Cancels N. Korean Tours

CBC News (April 5, 2013): North Korea Tourism ‘Booming’ Despite War Threats

BBC Newshour - Live Radio Interview (March 30, 2013): Can China Calm North Korea’s Rhetoric?

Sunrise Morning News - Live TV Appearance (March 20, 2013): Fancy a Holiday to North Korea?

세계일보, Segye Ilbo (March 19, 2013): 한반도 긴장고조 속 美, 北여행 ‘인기’”

NY Mag (March 17, 2013): How-to: Tips for Sightseeing in Pyongyang

NY Post (March 16, 2013): North Korea Hot Spot for American Tourists

Daily Mail (March 16, 2013): Wish you were here? North Korean tourism experiencing a boom among American travelers despite 24/7 military surveillance and regular power outages

Travel Weekly (March 11, 2013): She Sent Dennis Rodman to North Korea

Travel Freak (March 4, 2013): Dennis Rodman Went to North Korea, And You Can Too

Korea Times (February 26, 2013): An American’s Back-Flip in North Korea

Rapid Travel Chai (January 23, 2013): A New North Korea Tour Option: Uri Tours

Travel Freak (January 21, 2013): Our 10 Favorite Things From The NY Times Travel Show

Korea Times (May 1, 2011): Will NKs Tourism Push Succeed?

Harvard Kennedy News: Uri Tours organized trip to North Korea: A Glimpse of North Korea